3 Guys Chitting N Chatting Episode 1- Pilot- Liftoff With 3 Guys

I. Hello Ladies and Gents, this is Michael Hendricks, Chris Michael and JerBear. We are recording from the restroom, literally. Welcome to The 3 Guys Chitting N Chatting Show, where every episode it is our mission to Chit N Chat meets your weekly allowance to make you regular, like a OG. When I say, “Regular” I mean keep the people listening, informed or something instead of ignorant people. We are 3 Regular guys breaking down to the world with entertainment, socials, new era of opportunity in the digital age, comedy or some sort of new production we got stirred up for you; could be Michael Hendricks creating non-laughter, Chris Michael with his production knowledge or Jerry with his wisdom. Each episode is going to be different, so don’t worry about where you start.

II.  This show is Sponsored by Tornado Radio and Dr. Hohle. Listen to Tornado Radio every day at ctxtalk.com, “For the Students by the Students.:

III. Welcome all!  I am going to ask 3 question’s for each of us to answer. Here’s little background about us, we are bunch of communication people seeking a way to deliver to the audience. Michael Hendricks is public relations/radio, Chris Michael and Jerbear are both Production Rock Stars.

1.WWWWWH?( Who, What, When, Where, Why, How….Go around the Table introducing each other…

Hi Guys!!!!!!

2. What do you want to deliver to the Audience? How can we be different then the last? Is like a recycle thing going on in the production world?

JerBear made some good points during this Question.

3. On top of your head, give me a improv story?Bring it to life

Michael Hendricks creativity top it all 😉

Thank you for listening to 3 Guys Chitting N Chatting, We are just 3 Comm guys chatting where you learn the most in the Restroom.(Flush)


Episode 1- unedited version (Listen Here)