Episode 2- Miscommunication

Intro- We are back, back again 3 Guys Chitting N Chatting are back, back again. When love somebody, it’s going to be May or Me. If you missed our first episode, no worries you can listen to this one with no worries, but please go back to what you missed.

Before we go on, I want tell a little bit about the intro…That intro was made by Nick Twist ,who was actually suppose to be on one of the episodes in the future. Well plans changed for him to be in Heaven a little sooner then expected. Prayers to his friends and family.

This episode is sponsored by the “JerBear”, who always find a way.

Alright so it is already May….I know I know hard to believe. This episode we are going to talk a little bit about ‘May the Force be With you’, ‘It’s going to be May or Me’ and Whatever the ClassicLujan and Jerbear want y’all, the audience to digest


Christopher’s Time to Shine: Chris Graduated. so he is now a cooler kid than us.




Jerbear’s time to shine





We Found Bernie!!!Comedy Time!!!


Hurry up old folks it is time to party


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