Hello there groovy chicks and chaps!

Christopher Michael introduces himself, while studying for a final no less!



This is Christopher Michael, to let you in on a brief summary of who I am. I am a media savvy dude who has seen it all. Then I decided to go back to school and learn more about it and have proof on a piece of paper that I am smart. That is when I met MH at Concordia University. My first impression of him was… “Wow, he eats a lot of What-A-Burger and wow he eats a lot of Chicken Express” His smooth as honey radio voice and charming personality aired through Tornado Radio’s internet stream on Friday’s where I was a co-host at times for his show, “Bernie and Friends”.  We ended up becoming friends and understood what this thing broadcasting is about with the help of our favorite professor Dr. Hohle who gave us the tools and taught us the methods.

So, as I write this, I am supposed to be studying for my Astronomy final. I felt compelled to write to take my mind of tidals, gibbous, Kirchhoff’s laws and other things Astronomy. In this moment, I am reflecting my 3 years at Concordia. I am graduating this coming Saturday, the downside…it is at 9 AM. As you can tell from my random thoughts in writing, I am finally burnt-out with higher learning education. I learned a lot, but I knew the rest of the stuff already. I can’t wait to get my expensive piece of paper!

Stay tuned to our blog and we promise to deliver podcasts and entertainment and infotainment. Hey, its free, we don’t charge, and we are cooler than most of the people out there. Except for Alex Jones. He is friggin hilarious. I cannot believe people think he is the news. Our current President of the United States, as of this writing, has cited and applauded this Jones’ scare tactics to sell you powdered water.

Hey I used to like the guy when I was in my Art Bell listening days. Back in 1996 Jones started a cable access show in Austin, Texas which aired on Sunday Nights. It usually came on after an even greater show which was YouTube before its inception and was aptly titled, “The Show With No Name” with Charlie Sotello. Alex Jones’ topics were UFOs and paranormal things.  It was cool, he had videos and took calls and I slept well that Sunday after the show ended knowing I was entertained. Then he slowly changed it to conspiracy theories. I’m sure he did that after watching “Conspiracy Theory”     starring our lovable “alleged” hate monger, Mel Gibson. I remember a particular episode where Jones mentioned rituals of sacrificing young kids with world leaders present and he had “actual footage”. Then 9/11 happen and the ball rolled in his favor. Recently, he has come under scrutiny and is being sued for showing Chobani Yogurt and its CEO in a false light on one of his shows.

I promise we won’t relegate to false news like Jones, we will try to think critically on news stories, gives your our opinion to hopefully enlighten you, then do fart jokes. Lots of fart jokes.

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